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   Boxmanga Manga Youth Shounen Hakodate Youjin Buraichou Himegami
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Hakodate Youjin Buraichou Himegami 1-9


action, gender bender, historical, supernatural, yuri

Artist/Author:TAMAKI Nozomu  
Last Update: Feb 08,2009 (From:2007)
Chapter: Hakodate Youjin Buraichou Himegami 9 completed
Visitor: 2 users rated
During the beginning of the Meiji Era, a strategic town in the North, Hakodate, has become the nesting ground of mysterious monsters known as “youjin? It seems the world’s Great Powers are pulling the strings of the youjin. Hyou, a 15 year old girl has been fighting the youjin alone up until now under the guise of the master samurai “Miburo”?One evening, as Hyou was fighting for her life, she was saved by a noble, beautiful fighter, Himegami. Their meeting would affect each of their destiny. And now, the hidden truth behind history is going to start!
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Hakodate Youjin Buraichou Himegami Chapter 00 - 09
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