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   Boxmanga Manga Youth Shounen Kagetora
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Kagetora 1-50


action, comedy, romance, shounen

Artist/Author:SEGAMI Akira  
Last Update: Dec 28,2008 (From:2002)
Chapter: Kagetora 50 completed
Visitor: 33 users rated
The young ninja Kagetora has been given a great honor?to serve a renowned family of skilled martial artists. But on arrival, he's handed a challenging assignment: teach the heir to the dynasty, the charming but clumsy Yuki, the deft moves of self-defense and combat. And yet, Yuki's inability to master the martial arts is not what makes this job so difficult for Kagetora. No, it's Yuki herself. Someday she will inherit her family dojo, and for a ninja like Kagetora, to fall in love with his master is a betrayal of his duty, the ultimate dishonor, and strictly forbidden. Can Kagetora help Yuki overcome her ungainly nature . . . or will he be overcome by his growing feelings? Discussion more please s2anime at yesterday 7:07am
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Kagetora Chapter 01 - 50
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