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   Boxmanga Character Seiya Kou

Seiya Kou

Manga: Sailor Moon Anime: Sailor Moon
English Name :

Seiya Kou


Sailor Star Fighter

Eyes: Blue

5'5" 165 cm


16 years old(born July 30)


Alien Humanoid


Sailor Starlight

Quotes: "Breaking through the evil darkness, I am a wandering shooting star. Sailor Star Fighter, stage on!"
Debut:   2 users voted
Sailor Star Fighter Kou Seiya is part of the mysterious Senshi known as the Sailor Starlights. Like the rest of the Starlights, Seiya is a guy when untransformed, but becomes a girl when transformed into Sailor Star Fighter. The Starlights have their own agenda: they came from another planet to look for their princess, and they aren't part of the Earth Senshi team. Seiya Kou is the youngest member of the three lights. He is the lead vocal in his band. He also got a bit of a crush on Usagi. Seiya is cocky, arrogant, witty, and has a malicious sense of humor. He doesn't give much thought to the consequences when he plunges into courting Usagi. Something I think is interesting is he never stops trying to win Usagi's heart. There is a lot of friction between Seiya and Haruka, and thus paralleled with the tension between Sailor Star Fighter and Sailor Uranus. Seiya had developed an attraction to Usagi, which made Haruka very protective. Uranus doesn't trust the Starlights, but Seiya doesn't care. He flirts with Usagi day in and day out.
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