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   Boxmanga Character Julian Moore

Julian Moore

Manga: Armitage III: Poly-Matrix Anime: Armitage III: Poly-Matrix
English Name :

Julian Moore


Eyes: Green



Third-type Robot


Last of the Third prototypes

Quotes: "The joke's on me, isn't it?"
Debut:   2 users voted
Julian Moore Julian Moore has the distinction of being the last of the Third test models. For reasons unknown, he was crafted into a male, and a child at that. He finds it very ironic. Armitage is his immediate predecessor in the Thirds line, so the two see each other as brother and sister. Under the code name "Pluto", Julian kept the list of all the Thirds for safekeeping. Once all but he and Armitage were left, he began to take steps to ensure that at least their memories were preserved. Just in time, because that was when an Assassinroid began hunting them down. Though he survives the encounter with help from Armitage, his body is destroyed later in an attempt to get to the bottom of their past. Trying to hack for information on D'anclaude, he's infected with a Puppet Bomb virus (created by D'anclaude) that had recently been tearing through the city, causing robots to overload and explode. But his vital programming had been backed up and stored in the archives in the Navigation Center, enabling Armitage to enter cyberspace and see not just Julian but the other Thirds as well (In addition to himself, Julian had backed up what he could on the other Thirds). Julian helps provide Ross and Armitage with the vital clue to Conception's secret facility at Danich Hill, where all the Thirds were made and where Dr. Asakura was still located.
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