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   Boxmanga Character Haruko Haruhara

Haruko Haruhara

Manga: FLCL Anime: FLCL
English Name :

Haruko Haruhara


Raharu Haruha

Eyes: Yellow


Unknown, but claims to be 19




Renegade Space Patrol Officer

Quotes: "Lunch time!!"(play clip)
Debut:   2 users voted
Haruko Haruhara Haruko is a renegade space patrol officer who has arrived on Earth to resurrect the space being, Atomsk. When she arrives on Earth, she makes her first appearance by running down Naota with her Vespa scooter and hitting him in the head with her Ricken-Backer bass guitar. She then serves as the Nandaba family's housekeeper, annoying Naota even more. Haruko's guitar doubles as both a weapon and flight device as she can use her guitar like a gun and fly with it. Her guitar is a Rickenbacker 4001 (and left-handed). She leaves it behind at the end of the series (taking the double-stemmed guitar Naota combined from the Gibson Flying V and the 1961 Gibson EB-0), and Naota picks it up and keeps it. Haruko pulled the Flying V from Naota's head in Episode 4, while the EB-0 came out of the red Canti's screen in Episode 5.
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